PR Must Play on Both Sides of the Chessboard


As a chess player, I study the games of grandmasters to understand exactly what they are doing to win. One of the things that jumps out at me is they often play on both sides of the chessboard.

They may be attacking on the kingside (where the castled king is hiding in safety), but just when the pressure is greatest, switch to the other side of the board where there are no defenders.

In public relations, we should do the same. We must have a sound strategy and if the plan is to be active on the traditional media side of the board, we should be willing and able to play on the digital/social media side, too. Modern PR campaigns increasingly must be able to both influence content produced by the mainstream press and create their own content to be distributed via digital and social means.

To create a campaign or program that only utilizes one side of the board is like walking out of the house with only one shoe. You’ll probably get where you’re going, but it will take longer and you may end up with a broken toe…