Farrell Kramer Communications Merges with MBS Value Partners


After 10 years as a stand-alone firm, Farrell Kramer Communications has found the perfect match.

Late last year, I began talking with MBS Value Partners, a leading investor relations and financial communications advisory firm in New York City, about merging our operations to create a combined firm with greater resources and a deeper bench than I could muster alone. On Jan. 1, we officially completed the merger and Farrell Kramer Communications is now a part of MBS Value Partners.

This is great news, particularly for our clients, who will now benefit from a firm that can accomplish even more. Farrell Kramer Communications had done some work together with MBS Value Partners in the past and I’d always been impressed with the MBS team. They are not only smart, skilled and extremely professional but they’re good people, which I value highly.

With the addition of Farrell Kramer Communications, MBS Value Partners will offer a broad suite of services ranging from financial communications, strategic communications and investor relations to podcasting, social media, publicity, media and presentation training.

Lynn Morgen, one of MBS’ founding partners, had the following kind words for us in today’s press release announcing the merger:

Farrell and his team have been doing top-level work with major and emerging companies and well-known brands for a decade, including some projects together with MBS. We are enthusiastic about the growth potential this merger brings to MBS as we move forward into 2013 and beyond.

In terms of logistics, client work has continued uninterrupted. I am now based out of MBS Value Partners’ New York City offices and Sharon Bially is working for MBS out of Boston.

Our Farrell Kramer Communications website will be replaced shortly at the farrellkramer.com URL with this blog, where I’ll continue to explore issues in public relations, media and technology. I will also continue to be active on social media, sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

If you want to reach me, please feel free to use this blog’s contact page. It will always be a great way to get in touch quickly and directly.

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  1. This is exciting news. Will you now be freed to concentrate on strategy or are you going to bring your business development talents to help increase the top line?

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