HuffPo, What’s With Your iPad App?


I really like the Huffington Post. I like the stories. Like the blogs. It’s a quick read of the day’s news. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Except for the HuffPo iPad app. It’s the pits, and has been for quite awhile.

Today, I opened it up to find it filled with old news. Pre-election stories! The section for popular news is devoid of content. And this type of thing happens a lot.

This all raises a question: How can an undisputed leader in online news have such an overwhelmingly bad iPad app? It’s not like nobody’s told them. The app has bad reviews and bad ratings on iTunes. Is it possible that nobody at HuffPo uses the app? If they do, how could they fail to notice this?

If you come across this post, HuffPo, please, please fix the app. I don’t want to bash. I just want to enjoy your content, on my iPad…