The Importance of Social Media for Business


As we all know, in just a short time social media has almost completely changed the face of online marketing.

If your business has not yet taken advantage of this truly incredible channel, now is the time to do so. It’s extremely cost effective, easy-to-use and can put your product or service in front of hundreds of millions of potential customers.

Still not convinced? Here are some key reasons why you should be incorporating social media into your overall marketing program.

Benefits of Social Media for Business

  1. More than a billion users are waiting for you. Social media has exploded in popularity worldwide, with a significant portion of the entire human population now making use of social sites. Check out these stats:
    • Facebook: more than 800 million members
    • YouTube: 800 million unique users a month
    • Twitter: more than 400 million unique users a month
    • LinkedIn: 150 million users
    • Google+: 100 million users
    • Pinterest: 10 million users
  2. Social media is free. That’s right. Social media is entirely free to use. A few sites like LinkedIn offer premium paid services alongside their free service, but even that is rare. In general, the only direct cost in making use of social media for business is your own time and labor.
  3. Your customers are there. While social media usage may be skewed slightly toward younger users, individuals across demographics are going social. For example, nearly half of Facebook’s user base is more than 45 years old. Whatever your target market, it’s on social media.
  4. There are social networks for everyone. The demographics of social users change from network to network. Pinterest is overwhelmingly used by women with craft and design interests, while Google+ is generally for young, technologically-savvy users. LinkedIn is filled with those looking for business contacts.
  5. Your competitors are already there. Even if your business isn’t active on social media, your competition almost certainly is. Do you really want to cede them the entire social media space?

Embracing social media for business offers huge potential for generating discussion about your products and services and, eventually, winning new customers. It’s free and carries very little downside.

The question really isn’t why should you be on social media? But why shouldn’t you?