How Creating a Blog Is Like Climbing a Mountain


As the old proverb says, there are many paths up the mountain.

This can apply to quite a number of business endeavors, and getting started with your business blog is definitely one of them. While it may seem daunting, the challenge of getting your blog rolling is absolutely worth it. It can drive traffic to your website, using SEO to target the right visitors, and deliver valuable leads who can eventually become customers.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you work to get your blog up and running.

Creating a Blog Is Like Climbing a Mountain

  • Every expedition needs good planning. If you start climbing without planning your route, you’ll likely get stuck halfway up. Before setting out on your blogging expedition, address core issues like how often you’ll blog, what topics you’ll cover and what tone you’re going to take. This includes researching your competition. If they’re all producing heavy, jargon-laden blogs, perhaps adopting a more informal tone will help you carve out a niche.
  • Understand you must start at the bottom. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Understand and accept that at the beginning you’re not going to have many readers. Do what you can to promote yourself, and focus on producing quality content.
  • Realize the summit will be out of sight when you start. It’s easy to get discouraged when all you can see are endless trees. Yet, once you’re above the tree line, the path to the summit becomes clear. You can speed up this process by allowing commenting on your blog, encouraging readers to contribute to the conversation. Interesting discussions make for repeat visits and social media sharing.
  • Find your climbing legs. One of the worst things to do when climbing a mountain or starting a blog is overdoing it. Pace yourself, and focus on quality over quantity. If you run out of wind — good ideas — too early, you’ll handicap yourself. Try to get into a rhythm of posting on a weekly basis and build from there.
  • Put together a team for your expedition. When Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mt. Everest, he didn’t do it alone; he took over 400 people along as guides and porters. In business blogging, your help comes from social media. Make sure your posts have links so visitors can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and any other other social sites that seem relevant. Your readers are a vital part of the process, and they’re usually happy to help.
  • Keep climbing! Step by step. Reader by reader. If you produce good work, you’ll gain followers. Creating a blog that’s successful requires fresh content. You know all those websites with blogs that haven’t been updated in months? Those are memorials to people who only got halfway up the mountain and quit. In terms of public exposure, an abandoned blog is worse than no blog at all.
  • Plant your flag. How will you know when you’ve reached the summit? You won’t. But you will know you’re accomplishing something big with your blog. Traffic will be up substantially on your site and you’ll be getting valuable leads from your calls-to-action and landing pages. Your blog posts will be generating social media discussion and you’ll be getting comments. Most of all, your blog will have become a centerpiece of your marketing efforts and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

If you want a takeaway, it’s this: Creating a blog is like climbing a mountain because it’s a big job that requires dedication and persistence. However, with good planning, hard work and a little help from your friends, you’ll make it to the top.