Don’t Waste Your PR — Five Easy Ways to Put Your Clips to Work


Press clips are a precious commodity. Whether the result of your agency’s pitching or your in-house PR team’s efforts, once you’ve got them, these clips should be put to work. They can add serious, additional value.

When a clip is first published it immediately reaches the readership of the newspaper or magazine that published it, ranging from thousands of readers to millions. This is great, but don’t think that’s all there is. Your clip can create even more value if you push it to additional audiences. And these audiences may be more valuable to your organization than the publication’s own readership.

Here are 5 easy ways to spin your new PR clip into gold.

Put it on your website/blog. This is a no brainer. Link the clip to your website and make sure to put the title and name of the publication in the text. The value of having a mention from, say, The Wall Street Journal on your website is huge. Even if visitors don’t read the story, they’ll know you’ve been quoted in a major publication.

Send it to customers/clients. You can send a short email to clients/customers saying, “We were just quoted in a [Name the Publication] story and thought you might be interested…” Then, link to the story. This has the same value as the website posting above, but it reaches those who might not visit your website on a regular basis. Plus, it’s an opportunity to “touch” folks again and this is always valuable from a marketing perspective.

Post it on Facebook/Twitter. Social media is all about sharing, so why not send your great press hit to all your friends and followers? If you’ve been doing a good job with your social media channels, you should have hundreds if not thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook fans you can reach easily. If not, that’s something you can address now, so that when you’ve got clips to share in the future you’re ready to go.

Pass it on to employees. A lot of people forget this one, but employees get pumped to see good press about their company. Share it with them. This can be done in lots of ways, from a staff email to an intranet posting or a pinned-up clip on the cafeteria bulletin board. Just let them see it. And tell them to feel free to share it with others.

Share it on Digg/StumbleUpon/Newsvine. This is another easy one to forget, but you can play a role in getting greater exposure for the original clip by sharing and voting for it on services like these. Assuming the clip has an online version — and almost all do these days — spend a few minutes voting up and posting the clip on these sites and others like them. Each additional person who sees the clip adds value to your PR effort.

Are there other things you could do with your clips? Sure. But the ones I’ve mentioned above have three distinct advantages.

  1. They’re quick. They should take just minutes to complete.
  2. They 100% guaranteed. They rely on nobody else. Just you.
  3. They’re free.