Pitching Bloggers — The Rules Are Different


As the blogosphere progresses and becomes increasingly influential, communicators will need to find ways to reach out to bloggers just as we do to traditional journalists. This will become an integral part of media relations.

However, bloggers are not traditional reporters. Sending them press releases via a blast email will not turn out well.

The Lorelle on WordPress blog has an interesting post titled “Promoting Your Wares to Bloggers.” Here’s one of her points:

Don’t Waste The Time of a Blogger

If you want a bloggers attention, don’t waste their time. Do not put a blogger on a mailing list they never asked to be on. Know the blogger and the blog you are approaching. Read their blog and their policies. If they clearly state, like I do, that they will not accept any requests for commercial link exchanges, don’t even ask.

If your subject matter it unrelated to their blogging topic, go elsewhere. If it is, and you expect them to take you seriously, ask first, and send them the product with no expectation of a response or publicity. I’m often asked to review photography products and services, as well as software and hardware. If it isn’t in my hands to rip apart and put back together, don’t waste my time.

Now, Lorelle is a blogger and she is clearly speaking from her own experience. Those of us who work as professional communicators may view this from a different angle, but understanding the audience is critical.

From my own experience, bloggers have always proven to be both thoughtful and helpful — but you must understand and participate in their world. If not, let the flames begin…

One thought on “Pitching Bloggers — The Rules Are Different

  1. Thanks for the link, and thank you for understanding your audience, if your audience is bloggers. In an earlier life, I was a marketing and PR expert, so I speak also from that perspective. 😀

    Honestly, why waste people’s time, and yours, chasing after someone you don’t know, don’t need to know, and that you know nothing about. The Writer’s Guide (and their magazines and books) promote strongly to not submit your work blindly to an editor or publisher. Know who they are. Research them. Know their policies. Understand what they want. Don’t give them what they don’t need. Make your work have value for them by taking those few extra minutes to know more about them.

    The same thing applies to the blogging world.

    Thanks for quoting from my site and linking to it. It is much appreciated, and thank you for sharing this important perspective on contacting bloggers with your readers.

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